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Salus Smart Home Base Pack (SH-BASE)


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Salus Smart Home Base Pack (SH-BASE)

SALUS Smart Home Base Pack (SH-BASE)

Kit Contains:

  • 1 x UG600 Universal Gateway
  • 1 x RX10RF Boiler Receiver
  • 1 x SQ610RF Thermostat

The SALUS Smart Home Base Pack (SH-BASE), can control a single heating zone from anywhere in the world via Smartphone, Tablet or PC. Heating can be scheduled, holiday times and frost protection can be set. With the simple to use SALUS Smart Home App you can easily automate your heating to turn on when you are on your way home, ensuring you always return to a warm home. The SALUS Smart Home Base Pack is designed as an entry level single zone heating system but can be easily expanded to a multi zone heating system with individual room control by adding TRV’s and additional thermostats. To further expand the system simply add additional products like window/door sensors and smart buttons.

Seamless Centralized Control: At the core of your smart home experience lies the SALUS UG600 Universal Gateway, functioning as the nucleus that orchestrates all your smart devices. Effortlessly manage lighting, thermostats, locks, cameras, and more, all through an intuitively designed app interface that unifies control.

Effortless Setup, Swift Transformation: No technical prowess required! With its user-friendly setup process, the SALUS Smart Home Base Pack ensures a swift journey into smart living. Effortlessly connect and configure devices, propelling you seamlessly into a new era of home management.

Empowering Smartphone App: Command your home from anywhere via the SALUS Smart Home App, putting unprecedented control at your fingertips. Whether you’re toggling lights, fine-tuning the thermostat, monitoring security cameras, or remotely unlocking doors, it’s all conveniently accessible through your smartphone, tablet or desktop PC.

Voice Integration for Effortless Command: Experience the epitome of convenience with voice control, seamlessly integrated with prominent voice assistants such as Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. Interact naturally with your home, and watch as it responds to your every command.

Elevated Energy Efficiency: Included within the SALUS Smart Home are tools for energy monitoring and management, granting you the power to track and curtail energy consumption. Witness a reduction in utility bills while minimizing your ecological impact.

Tailored Customization: Mould your smart home experience to match your unique lifestyle. Craft schedules, scenes, and automation routines that seamlessly align with your preferences. Whether you’re setting the perfect ambiance for a movie night or ensuring optimal comfort upon your return home, the possibilities are virtually limitless.

Enhanced Security Features: Heighten your home’s security with smart locks, motion sensors, and surveillance cameras seamlessly integrated into the SALUS Smart Home. Instantaneously receive real-time alerts on your smartphone in response to any unusual activity, bestowing unmatched peace of mind even during your absences.

Effortless Expansion: The SH-BASE pack represents just the inception of your smart home journey. Expand your ecosystem with compatible SALUS Smart Home devices, such as smart plugs and switches, seamlessly accommodating the evolution of your needs.

Sleek and Sophisticated Design: Behold the exquisite design of the SALUS UG600 Smart Home Coordinator, characterized by its sleek modernity that effortlessly harmonizes with any interior. Its unobtrusive presence tastefully integrates into your living space while discreetly managing your smart devices behind the scenes.

Elevate your lifestyle to new heights of efficiency and convenience with the SALUS Smart Home Base Pack. Immerse yourself in the vanguard of home automation, redefining your interaction with your living environment. Elevate your comfort, convenience, and control with the innovation of SALUS – your steadfast partner in the realm of intelligent living.

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