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Salus Boiler Receiver 230V (RX10RF)


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Salus Boiler Receiver 230V (RX10RF)


  • Switching volt free and 230V (using a bridge)
  • Manual mode
  • LED indicators
  • Can be used as boiler receiver or individual zone receiver
  • 5 Year Warranty

Salus Boiler Receiver 230V (RX10RF)

The SALUS System receiver can be used as part of the SALUS iT600 Smart Home system as an external boiler switch. The receiver can be used with the TRV10RFM.

The Salus Boiler Receiver 230V (RX10RF) is a crucial component in the world of heating and thermostat control, and its significance is further underscored by its compatibility with a range of heating systems and its wireless capabilities. This device, with its compact design and advanced functionality, plays a pivotal role in connecting and synchronizing various heating components.

To delve into its key attributes and functionalities, the Salus Boiler Receiver 230V (RX10RF) offers:

1. Wireless Connectivity: At its core, the RX10RF is characterized by its wireless connectivity, facilitating seamless communication between thermostats and heating systems. This wireless capability eliminates the need for extensive wiring, simplifying installation and enhancing flexibility in thermostat placement.

2. Versatile Compatibility: The RX10RF is renowned for its compatibility with an array of heating systems and boilers. This versatility makes it a versatile choice for various heating configurations, ensuring it can seamlessly integrate into existing setups.

3. Precise Temperature Control: One of its defining features is its ability to provide precise temperature control. This accuracy ensures that the connected heating system operates at the desired temperature, optimizing comfort while conserving energy.

4. Energy Efficiency: The RX10RF’s precise control over the heating system translates into energy efficiency. By maintaining the temperature at the desired setpoint, it helps reduce energy wastage, which is reflected in lower energy bills.

5. User-Friendly Interface: Designed with user convenience in mind, the RX10RF features an intuitive interface. This simplifies the process of configuring temperature settings and operating modes, ensuring users can easily navigate and fine-tune their heating system.

6. Reliable Performance: Salus products are renowned for their reliability, and the RX10RF is no exception. Crafted with durability in mind, it delivers consistent and dependable performance over the long term.

7. LED Indicators: To provide visual feedback on the system’s status, the RX10RF is equipped with LED indicators. These indicators offer quick insights into the operational state, making it easier to identify any issues or irregularities.

In summary, the Salus Boiler Receiver 230V (RX10RF) represents a pivotal element for those seeking efficient and wireless control over their heating systems. Its wireless connectivity, compatibility, precise temperature control, energy-efficient operation, user-friendly design, and reliability collectively make it an invaluable addition to modern homes and commercial properties.

Salus Boiler Receiver (RX10RF) Data Sheet


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