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Salus OpenTherm Wireless Programmable Thermostat (DT600RF)


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  • 2-Way Communication between thermostat and boiler receiver
  • Switching Volt Free & 230v
  • Communication Frequency 868 MHz extended range
  • Battery operated 2 x AA Batteries
  • Boiler Plus Compliant
  • Built-in OpenTherm (OT) circuit
  • Holiday Mode
  • Frost Protection Option & Optimise Function
  • Landlord PIN & Service Mode
  • One touch manual mode, with maximum and minimum temperature lock

Salus OpenTherm Wireless Programmable Thermostat (DT600RF)

Introducing the Salus DT600RF OpenTherm Boiler Wireless Programmable Thermostat – the wireless version of the DT600, designed for convenient and efficient temperature control in your home or workplace. This thermostat utilizes a radio frequency to communicate with a receiver, providing flexibility in its placement.

Equipped with an integrated OpenTherm (OT) circuit, this thermostat enables seamless communication and control with compatible boilers. It allows for precise adjustment of the boiler’s output based on the desired indoor ambient temperature, optimizing energy efficiency and comfort.

The Salus DT600RF features a range of useful modes and functions to suit your specific needs. With Manual Mode, you have full control over temperature settings at any time. Boost Mode provides a temporary increase in heating output for quick warmth when needed. Holiday Mode allows you to set lower temperature levels while you’re away, saving energy and maintaining a frost-free environment. Additionally, the Landlord feature ensures convenient management of rental properties.

The thermostat’s LCD display offers clear and easy-to-read information, providing you with real-time temperature readings and status updates. With its user-friendly interface, programming and adjusting settings is a breeze.

Experience the convenience and efficiency of the Salus DT600RF OpenTherm Boiler Wireless Programmable Thermostat, designed to enhance your comfort while maximizing energy savings.

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