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Salus Zigbee Smart Wireless Dial Thermostat HTR-RF(20)


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Salus Zigbee Smart Wireless Dial Thermostat HTR-RF(20)


  • Integrates with UG600
  • Stylish compact surface mounted solution
  • ‘Self-learning’ functionality time proportional and integral (TPI)
  • ErP rating IV
  • Valve protection function (VPF)
  • LED status indication
  • Night setback function
  • ZigBee wireless Smart Home App integration
  • Zigbee 2.4 GHz
  • 5 year warranty


Upgrade Your Comfort and Control with the Salus Zigbee Smart Wireless Dial Thermostat HTR-RF(20)

Experience the future of home heating with the Salus Zigbee Smart Wireless Dial Thermostat HTR-RF(20). This cutting-edge thermostat combines sleek design with advanced technology to provide you with total control over your home’s heating system.

Key Features:

1. Wireless Connectivity: Say goodbye to complex wiring. The Salus Zigbee Smart Thermostat connects wirelessly to your heating system, allowing for easy installation and flexibility in thermostat placement.

2. Zigbee Compatibility: Seamlessly integrate your thermostat into your smart home ecosystem. The Zigbee technology ensures a stable and efficient connection to your home automation network, allowing you to control your thermostat from anywhere using your smartphone or voice commands.

3. User-Friendly Dial: Adjusting your home’s temperature has never been easier. The intuitive dial interface allows you to set your desired temperature with a simple turn, making it effortless to find your perfect comfort level.

4. Programmable Schedules: Create personalized heating schedules to match your daily routine. Whether you want to wake up to a warm home or save energy when you’re away, the Salus thermostat can do it all automatically.

5. Energy Efficiency: Take control of your energy consumption and reduce your heating bills. The thermostat’s smart features help optimize your heating system, ensuring it operates efficiently and only when needed.

6. Temperature History: Monitor your home’s temperature history to gain insights into your heating patterns and make informed decisions about your energy usage.

7. Compatibility: The Salus Zigbee Smart Wireless Dial Thermostat HTR-RF(20) is compatible with most heating systems, including boilers and underfloor heating systems, making it a versatile choice for any home.

8. Sleek Design: With its modern and minimalist design, this thermostat not only enhances the functionality of your home but also adds a touch of elegance to your interior decor.

Take Control of Your Comfort

Upgrade to the Salus Zigbee Smart Wireless Dial Thermostat HTR-RF(20) and enjoy the convenience of a smart home heating solution. Whether you’re at home or on the go, you can always ensure your living space is at the perfect temperature. Say goodbye to wasted energy and hello to a more comfortable and efficient home.

Make the smart choice for your home heating—choose the Salus Zigbee Smart Wireless Dial Thermostat HTR-RF(20) today!


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