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Primary Pro 100mm Grinder Head (AS34)

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Primary Pro 100mm Grinder Head (AS34)

The Condensate Pro Grinder Head is a key product when sealing Condensate Pro insulation to external surfaces.  Not all homes are built the same. Installers regularly come up against a variety of materials and surfaces. But when these surfaces are hard and uneven, jobs can take longer, meaning you rush later parts of the installation process.

This 100mm grinder head is designed to grind a three-inch flat face against irregular faced stonework. When you come to install the connection kit, your pipe snug will fit securely for an effective, protective, and professional finish, no matter where you’re working.

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1 review for Primary Pro 100mm Grinder Head (AS34)

  1. Mark

    I ordered this Grinder head and it was an excellent choice as it did exactly what I needed it for. Perfect for creating a flat surface in the stone wall. Awesome customer service and speedy delivery and I will most likely be ordering again in the near future.

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