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Condensate Pro Bond & Seal 290ml Cartridge (AS001)


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Condensate Pro Bond & Seal is a hybrid polymer sealant that professionally bonds and seals Condensate Pro & Primary Pro insulation and also all gaps in any wall fabric.

Condensate Pro Bond & Seal comes in a 290ml mastic gun tube. The deep black colour blends seamlessly with the condensate insulation, creating a quality look for all customer homes and property leaving no areas exposed.

Once cured, Condensate Pro Bond & Seal is flexible in extremes of both heat and cold and offers easy dismantling without damage to the insulation pipework. Watch the video below to see how easy it is.

Condensate Pro Bond & Seal 290ml Cartridge (AS001)

Sealing the insulation, and also the hole in the wall where the condensate enters the building, is as important as the insulation.

To protect Heat Pump efficiency (C.O.Ps / S.C.O.Ps), Condensate Pro’s unique Bond & Seal helps you not only seal all Primary Pro insulation joints, but also when insulating external fittings. You can seal all joints to make sure no water gets inside that will affect the appliance efficiency.

The hole created through the wall is also very important. Make sure this is sealed for efficiency and for complying to the new Part L regulations, and to ensure no insects can get in to the cavity.

Once cured, Condensate Pro’s Bond & Seal not only makes the perfect waterproof seal, it also expands and contracts depending on the weather/temperature, so is perfect for joints and holes through the wall.


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