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Primary Pro 28mm x 19mm x 1000mm External Pipe Insulation For Heat Pumps (AS022)


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Primary Pro 28mm x 19mm x 1000mm External Pipe Insulation For Heat Pumps (AS022)

The Condensate Pro External Insulation Pack contains a 1000mm length of semi-rigid insulation to fit 28mm plastic waste pipe and provides maximum protection against condensates freezing. Condensate Pro’s unique coating ensures it is also UV-protected and weather-resistant giving long-lasting protection.

Condensate Pro/Primary Pro insulation is perfect for insulating the waste pipes for the heat pumps when taking the waste to a drain or soakaway.

Condensate Pro came about, as professional heat pump installers were using our Condensate Pro insulation for the waste pipes, and asked us to make different sizes for the external heating pipes as they were frustrated with what was available.

Condensate Pro was launched, but our 28mm x 19mm Condensate Pro was still needed for protection of the heat pumps waste.

The condensate insulation contains 1m lengths of insulation, which gives perfect protection against frozen waste pipes from the heat pump. Each length of insulation is protected with our unique UV-stable and 100% weatherproof coating, making it the perfect solution for external condensate protection. The insulation has been specially designed for easy cutting, mitering and bonding.

With clean cuts and the use of the Condensate Pro PPS Bond & Seal, you create sleek, clean finishes around all pipework, offering maximum protection and a quality look. The Condensate Pro condensate insulation pack comes in a rigid, solid cardboard box. The packaging is environmentally friendly and easy to recycle as well as ensuring it gets from A to B safely in the back of the van, no matter how busy your day is.


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