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Resideo TotalHome Wireless Programmable Thermostat


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Resideo TotalHome Wireless Programmable Thermostat With Relay Box

The Resideo TotalHome Wireless Programmable Thermostat With Relay Box is a direct replacement for Honeywell CM927, CMS927 & CMS927B1049 7 Day Wireless Programmable Room Thermostat and will bind directly to the Intergas ECO RF, Xclusive and Xtreme range of boilers (see video below).

Pairing a TotalHome Wireless Programmable Thermostat directly to the Intergas RF chipset makes Intergas boilers fully ‘Boiler Plus’ compliant under the ‘Load Compensation’ category.

The TotalHome Wireless Programmable Thermostat can also replace a CM721, CM727, CM921 (CMS921B1042) or CM927 (CMS927B1049) room unit and will pair directly to an existing BDR91.

Please note the older Honeywell HC60NG or R6660D (rectangular) wireless receivers will have constant wireless issues if you use them with the TotalHome Wireless Programmable Thermostat, and these receivers need to be replaced with a BDR91.

The Resideo TotalHome Wireless Programmable Thermostat replaces the discontinued Honeywell CM927/CMS927/CMS927B1049. This is a 7 day wireless programmable room thermostat designed to control your heating system efficiently, providing comfortable temperatures when you are at home and energy savings when you are away. With wireless communication there is no need to provide a wired connection between the thermostat and boiler.


Box Contents:

  • 1 x Resideo TotalHome Wireless Programmable Thermostat
  • 1 x Wireless Relay Box
  • 2 x AA Alkaline Batteries
  • 1 x Wall Mount
  • 1 x Stand Mount


Product Features:

  • Wireless connection to the boiler allows you to mount the Chronotherm in your room without disruption
  • Provides informative ‘on-screen’ feedback and operational assistance to the user
  • Built-in memory holds the user program indefinitely so that it is never lost – even if you remove the batteries
  • Day Off button copies Sunday’s program into any other day of the week, so that you can make the Pro Thermostat follow this program if you have a day or days off.
  • Boiler Plus Compliant – Load Compensation, Optimisation & Automation as standard.
  • 2 on/off time changes per day
  • 3 Year Warranty
  • With built in service reminder
  • 4 time schedules per day
  • Easy to install & programme
  • On/Off Boiler Control
  • Intelligent Heating Controls


Please note:

This is a Resideo TotalHome Wireless Programmable Thermostat and does include a Wireless Relay Box!


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