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Honeywell Home Evohome Hot Water Kit (ATF500DHW)


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Honeywell Home Evohome Hot Water Kit (ATF500DHW)

The Hot Water Kit allows you to control vented or unvented hot water cylinders when used with the Evohome system.

Honeywell Home evohome Hot Water Kit (ATF500DHW) consists of:

  • CS92A Wireless Battery Operated Cylinder Thermostat – can be added to any cylinder anywhere in your home without additional wiring
  • BDR91 Wireless Relay Box
  • Insertion Sensor (for unvented cylinder)
  • Strap-on Sensor (for vented cylinder)


Product Overview:

Introducing the Honeywell Home Evohome Hot Water Kit (ATF500DHW). An innovative solution that revolutionizes the control and optimization of your hot water system, providing unmatched efficiency and convenience. Crafted by Honeywell, this cutting-edge kit brings you unparalleled innovation right to your fingertips.

What’s more, with this Honeywell Evohome Kit, users can effortlessly add stored hot water control of vented or unvented cylinders to any Evohome system. Once bound to the Evohome Controller, it prominently displays the actual temperature of the stored hot water on the main screen. Allowing you to see the set hot water schedule and override it instantly. In addition, you can also conveniently manage your hot water from your devices using the App.


Key Features:

1. Smart Control: Seamlessly and remotely manage your hot water system through the Evohome Hot Water Kit’s user-friendly interface. Easily adjust the hot water schedule, set specific temperatures, and activate boost modes from your smartphone or tablet.

2. Customization: Enjoy the freedom to tailor your hot water usage to your unique lifestyle and preferences. With Evohome system, create individual schedules for different zones within your home, including hot water, ensuring that you only heat the water you need.

3. Energy Efficiency: The Evohome Hot Water Kit expertly manages your hot water supply, resulting in significant energy savings and reduced utility costs. The system intelligently learns your usage patterns, adjusting accordingly to minimize wastage and optimize overall performance.

4. Integration and Compatibility: Embrace seamless integration with the Honeywell Home app and other Evohome devices, making the ATF500DHW a versatile addition to your smart home ecosystem. Additionally, enjoy compatibility with popular smart home platforms such as Apple HomeKit, Amazon Alexa, and Google Assistant, providing enhanced interoperability and numerous voice control options.

5. User-Friendly Interface: Effortlessly navigate the kit’s intuitive touchscreen controller, accessing essential information at a glance. Benefit from clear and straightforward status updates on your hot water system, making it a breeze to manage and monitor.

6. Professional Installation: Rely on the expertise of professional technicians to ensure a seamless setup and optimal performance of the Evohome Hot Water Kit, maximizing its full potential.

In conclusion, take complete charge of your hot water supply with the Honeywell Home Evohome Hot Water Kit (ATF500DHW). Experience unparalleled convenience and cost savings through this truly smart home heating solution. Embrace the future of home automation and enjoy the unmatched comfort and efficiency you truly deserve. Undeniably, the Evohome Hot Water Kit empowers you to have complete control and peace of mind over your hot water system.

If you have any questions about the Honeywell Home evohome Hot Water Kit ATF500DHW, please feel free to Contact Us.

You can find more information on the Manufacturer’s website here.

Resideo 5 Year Warranty Terms & Conditions


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