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McDonald STEELflow Slimline 170L Indirect Unvented High Gain Cylinder (CCS170HPSL)


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McDonald STEELflow Slimline 170 Litre Indirect Unvented High Gain Cylinder (CCS170HPSL)


  • High grade duplex stainless steel
  • 25 Year guarantee
  • Large corrugated indirect coil for maximum heat transfer
  • Post weld treatment for maximum durability
  • Low heat losses
  • High density foam insulation
  • Pressure loss on indirect heat pump coil less than 0.4 bar
  • Heat Pump Coil Rating (HWA 002:2020) – 20.90 kW
  • Coil Surface Area – 2.08 m2
  • Immersion Heater at bottom of cylinder – Great for PV Diverters to store excess energy!

All 170 Litre indirect units are supplied with:

  • 22mm Altecnic Inlet Combination Control Set
  • 18 Litre Zimlet Expansion Vessel with Fixing Kit
  • 28mm EPH 2 Port Motorised Zone Valve
  • Altecnic 1/2″ T&P Valve
  • 15 x 22mm Tundish
  • ESi High Limit Thermostat
  • Installation Manual

All Units to Following Specification:

  • 90 Degree Elbow on Hot Water Draw Off (22mm compression)
  • Secondary Return (22mm compression)
  • T&P Valve (1/2” Female)
  • Thermostat Pocket (1/2″ & NTC Pocket)
  • Low Level Immersion Heater (1 3/4” Female)
  • Heat Pump Coil Flow / Return (22mm)
  • Cold Feed (22mm compression)


Actual Capacity (Ltr) 162
Height (mm) 1680
Diameter (mm) 570
Unit Weight Empty (kg) 37
Max Mains Water Pressure (Bar) 10
Fill Pressure (Inlet Control) (Bar) 3
Maximum Working Pressure (Bar) 5.5
Pressure of Expansion Valve (Bar) 6.0
Rating Pressure of T&P Valve (Bar) 7
Operating Temp. of T&P Valve 95°
Dedicated Solar Volume (Ltr) 0
Number of Immersions 1
Standing Heat Loss of Vessel 1.7 kWH/24 Hours
ERP Band C
ERP Efficiency N/A
Unit Weight Full 199kg
No Heat Exchangers 1
Immersion Specification 3kW@240V
Heat Loss (Watts) 71
Noise Level N/A
Energy Usage Yearly N/A


The McDonald STEELflow Indirect Unvented Heat Pump Cylinder is manufactured from duplex stainless steel, and specifically designed for use with either air source or ground source heat pumps. It can also be used with gas system boilers using Priority Domestic Hot Water (PDHW).

These cylinders have a large corrugated high efficiency indirect heat exchanger to ensure optimal heat transfer at lower flow temperatures. The coil’s corrugated design provides high heat transfer and flow rates from the heat pump, with faster recovery times than plain coils due to the increased surface area.

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