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IMI Hydronic TRV Insert Removal Tool (9721-00.000)


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IMI Hydronic TRV Insert Removal Tool (9721-00.000)

IMI Hydronic’s TRV Insert Removal Tool is simple to use and can save draining down a radiator system in order to remove, change or clean a TRV insert. Ideal for removing TRV inserts when power flushing a radiator with special automatic balancing inserts, to prevent the TRV mechanism from becoming blocked by radiator sludge.

IMI Hydronic TRV Insert Removal Tool (9721-00.000)

Carry Case Contents:

  • TRV Insert Removal Tool
  • Laminated Instructions
  • 19mm Hardened Drive Socket (1/2″ Drive)
  • Replacement Seals Kit

The IMI TRV Insert Removing Tool is a cost effective way of removing thermostatic radiator valve inserts, as you can do this without having to drain the heating system. The IMI TRV Insert Removal Tool can be used on any TRV valve body that has an insert with a 19mm hexagonal nut/shoulder, such as IMI, Drayton, Altecnic and Honeywell Valencia thermostatic valves.

The IMI Hydronic TRV Insert Removal Tool comes complete in a plastic carry case with instructions, a 19mm hardened drive socket (1/2″ drive) and replacement seal kit.


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