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Drayton Auto-Balancing RT414 & Lockshield (15mm Angled 10 10 560)


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Drayton’s brand new Auto-Balancing RT414 combines the iconic Drayton RT414 design with a new innovate liquid sensor and auto-balancing technology.

  • Reduces energy use by 8.8%
  • Saves installation time – radiator flow rate is quickly and easily set when fitting the valve
  • Automatically adjusts based on system pressure changes (i.e. TRV’s opening and closing)
  • Constantly maintains the correct flow rate to each radiator
  • Correct system balancing ensures lower return temperatures – aids boiler condensing and improves efficiency
  • Eliminates cold spots around the home
  • Use the new Drayton balancing key to adjust the valve setting

Compatible Products

Drayton Auto-Balancing RT414 with Lockshield (15mm Angled 10 10 560)

  • Keymark approved to EN215
  • Drayton’s iconic RT414 design
  • Sensitive liquid-filled sensor
  • Positive OFF Position
  • Frost protection position
  • Lead-free brass valve body


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