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Honeywell Home T6R Wireless Smart Thermostat (Wall Mounted)


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Honeywell Home’s T6R Smart Thermostat is an innovative thermostat that adapts to your schedule, helps save you energy and makes your home heating smarter. Honeywell Home T6R is compatible with many 3rd party applications (Amazon Echo, Google Home, IFTTT) and also a Apple Homekit Compatible smart thermostat.

Compatible Products

Honeywell Home T6R Smart Thermostat Wall Mounted (Y6H920RW5031)

The Honeywell Home T6R Smart Thermostat (Wall Mounted Y6H920RW5031) box contains:

  • 1 x T6R Wireless Wall Mounted Smart Thermostat (T6H700RW5001)
  • 1 x ACC900 In-wall Power Module
  • 1 x R6H911RF4018 2-Channel Wireless Relay Box

The T6R provides automatic time and temperature control of heating and optionally stored hot water systems in homes and apartments.

The T6R consist of a thermostat and in wall power module, which fits in a standard wall box. The thermostat has a high contrast PMVA display with dynamic text line and touch screen buttons. The thermostat has a simple programming philosophy to make it easier to install and very user friendly.

The T6R is ideal for consumers who want to control their comfort and hot water remotely and is based on a modern design, which is simple to program and easy to use.


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