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Drayton Wiser Thermostat Kit 3 (WT734R9K0902)


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Drayton Wiser Thermostat Kit 3 (WT734R9K0902)

Product Overview:

Suitable for both combi and conventional boilers that have more than one heating zone (3-Channel). Very easy to install due to the kit fitting onto a standard UK back plate used on most traditional installations. This kit allows you to take full control of two heating zones and your hot water system (if you have a sperate hot water cylinder) via the Wiser heat app. More thermostats can be added at any time by simply replacing your original TRVs with Wiser Smart Radiator Thermostats without having to drain your system. More Wiser Plugs may be needed to boost signal in larger houses. Supports up to 16 different rooms with up to 32 Smart Radiator Thermostats and up to 10 smart plugs.


Box Contents:

2 x Smart Room Thermostat

2 x Thermostat Wall Bracket

2 x Thermostat Stand

4 x AA Batteries

1 x 3 Channel Heat HubR

1 x OpenTherm Module

1 x Wall Plate

1 x Quick Start Guide

1 x Installation Guide


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