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Condensate Pro Combo Kit 2 – 1m (IG011)


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Condensate Pro Combo Kit 2 – 1m (IG011)

There are many condensate installations that are one metre or under.

So Condensate Pro thought it would be great for installers to have everything in one box. Easy to order and have ready to install!

The Condensate Pro Combo kit 1m (IG011) prioritises easy installation and high-quality design to ensure every external condensate is protected against freezing conditions and looks perfect no matter where it’s fitted.

Box Contents:

  • 1x 1m length of insulation (fits 32mm solvent weld pipe)
  • 1x Connection (fits 32mm solvent weld pipe)
  • 1x 150g Tube of Bond and Seal
  • 1x Length of spacer bar
  • 2x Pipe clips (50mm)

Many boiler manufacturers recommend taking the insulation through the fabric of the wall to the inside, or to take the insulation and seal into the fabric of the wall. This means that a 65mm hole is needed to comply and to be sealed correctly

Feedback received regarding cases where a Pipesnug can’t be fitted as the hole has been cored/chopped out too large needing more Bond & Seal to make a quality seal around the fabric of the wall. Condensate Pro have upgraded this kit, removing the Pipesnug and providing a 150g tube of Bond & Seal (nearly double the previous amount) which fits into a mastic gun, this gives you have more Bond & Seal and can comply with all MIs and regulations.

You can still use a Pipesnug if required as they are readily available separately.

The pre-made connection is ready to go right out of the box. Use the Bond & Seal to connect more insulation to make sure all pipes are sealed/protected, and to seal around the inside and outside of the wall. Use the spacer bar in combination with the pipe clip to ensure debris and dirt does not collect behind the insulation. Condensate Pro provides not only the very best protection but looks quality on customers homes/property.

Fitting the connection in a Connection Kit 2 / Combo Kit 2 from Dave Smith on Vimeo.


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