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Viessmann Weather Compensation Sensor 10kΩ NTC (7427232)


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Viessmann Weather Compensation Sensor 10kΩ NTC (7427232) ZK04306

Weather Compensation is a great way of achieving Boiler Plus compliance and ensuring Viessmann boilers run as efficiently as possible. The Viessmann Weather Compensation sensor is hard wired from an outside location (ideally on a North facing wall) back to the boiler and the sensor information is used by the boiler to obtain the correct flow temperature to the radiators.

Key Information:

  • Part of the standard delivery for Viessmann Vitodens 200-W and 222-F
  • Additional accessory for Viessmann Vitodens 050-W, 100-W & 111-W and must be ordered separately
  • Provides Boiler Plus Compliance (Weather Compensation)
  • PlusBus Compatible
  • Not to be used with the ViCare Wireless Thermostat

Weather Compensation Sensor Location:

  • North or north-west facing wall of the building
  • Not above windows, doors or vents
  • Not immediately below balconies or gutters
  • Never render over
  • 2m to 2.5m above the ground, in the upper half for multi-story buildings.


  • 2-core cable, length up to 35m with a cross-section of 1.5mm (not supplied)
  • Never route this cable immediately next to 230/400v cable.


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