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Viessmann Vitocal 151-A Air Source Heat Pump 6kW (Z026962)


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Viessmann Vitocal 151-A Air Source Heat Pump 6kW (Z026962)

Type AWOT-M-E-AC-AF 151.A06

The new heat pump technology from Viessmann is reliable, compact, and eco-friendlier than before, efficiently utilizing environmental energy for both heating and cooling. The Vitocal 150-A, with its capability of reaching a flow temperature of up to 70 °C, is ideal for retrofitting. Provided the system is designed in accordance with industry standards and best practices, and includes a weather compensated heating system, existing radiators might be usable. Its high energy efficiency, ease of control via an app, sustainable functioning, and sleek design make it an appealing choice.


Benefits at a glance:

  • Rated heating output: 2.1 to 14.9 kW
  • Highly suitable for modernisation: With 70 °C flow temperature (at an outside temperature down to -10 °C)
  • Climate Protect +++: Protects the environment and the climate: Environmentally responsible, natural refrigerant R290 (propane) with a particularly low GWP100 (global warming potential) of 0.02
  • OptiPerform: Reliable operation with high efficiency
  • Service Link: Guaranteed faster response time if a service is required
  • Low running costs due to high efficiency: COP (coefficient of performance) to EN 14511: up to 5.0 (at A7/W35)
  • 60% less space required: Compared to comparable models
  • Cooling function: Heating and cooling in one
  • Integrated energy management system: Ensures transparency in energy consumption and costs
  • Easy operation via ViCare app: Easy operation via ViCare app
  • Integral DHW (Domestic Hot Water) Cylinder: The unit includes an integral DHW cylinder with a 190-litre capacity,


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