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Viessmann Vitocal 150-A Air Source Heat Pump 6kW (Z026437)


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Viessmann Vitocal 150-A Air Source Heat Pump 6kW (Z026437)

Type AWO-M-E-AC-AF 151.A06

Monoblock heat pump with indoor and outdoor units:

  • For room heating/cooling and DHW heating, up to 70 °C flow temperature
  • Monoblock indoor unit with heat pump control unit
  • High efficiency circulation pump for the secondary circuit
  • 4-3-way diverter valve and safety assembly
  • Integral instantaneous heating water heater
  • Integral buffer cylinder and overflow valve

Heat pump control unit for weather-compensated operation

  • 7-inch colour touchscreen with energy cockpit
  • WiFi hotspot for local service without internet connection
  • Internet connection via WiFi
  • Control of a DHW circulation pump
  • Control of an instantaneous heating water heater
  • Active cooling control function
  • Integral heat meter
  • Setting of low-noise mode for the outdoor unit
  • Optimised energy management, e.g. in conjunction with photovoltaic system, power storage system
  • Display of energy flows in the ViCare app and ViGuide

AF Version:

  • With integral electric ribbon heater in the condensate pan
  • Permissible operating pressure: Heating water 3 bar (0.3 MPa)
  • Colour of indoor unit: Vitopearlwhite
  • Colour of outdoor unit: Vitosilver
  • Low running costs thanks to high COP (coefficient of performance) to EN 14511: Up to 5.0 at A7/W35
  • Output control and DC inverter for high efficiency in partial load operation
  • A maximum flow temperature of up to 70 °C at an outside temperature of -10 °C enables use in both new build and modernisation projects.
  • Self-optimising control of the flow rate via Viessmann Hydro AutoControl
  • Environmentally responsible, natural refrigerant R290 with a particularly low GWP of 0 (GWP = Global Warming Potential)
  • Convenient reversible design for heating and cooling
  • Especially quiet operation thanks to Advanced Acoustic Design (AAD)
  • Web-enabled through integral WiFi or service link
  • Operation, optimisation, maintenance and service via ViCare app and ViGuide
  • Guided commissioning via ViGuide

Standard delivery:

Complete heat pump in monoblock version, comprising an indoor and outdoor unit.

Indoor unit:

  • Integral 4/3-way valve for central heating/DHW heating/bypass
  • Integral high efficiency circulation pump for the secondary circuit
  • Integral instantaneous heating water heater
  • Integral 16 litre buffer cylinder
  • Integral safety valve and digital pressure gauge
  • Weather-compensated heat pump control unit with outside temperature sensor
  • Flow sensor
  • Wall mounting bracket, standard connection pipes
  • 10 l diaphragm expansion vessel

Outdoor unit:

  • Inverter-controlled compressor, 4-way diverter valve, electronic expansion valve, evaporator, condenser, EC fan
  • Factory-filled with refrigerant R290
  • Heating water filter upstream of condenser
  • Transport aid for outdoor unit
  • AF version: With integral electric ribbon heater for the condensate pan

Important Notes

  • Heat pumps must be commissioned by Viessmann Technical Service or a specialist heat pump contractor certified by Viessmann
  • A hydraulic connection set must also be ordered to install the appliances.
  • If the heat pump is being installed to modernise a heating system, a dirt separator with magnet is essential


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