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Tepeo ZEB – Zero Emission Boiler


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Tepeo ZEB – Zero Emission Boiler

The Tepeo Zero Emission Boiler is an innovative, eco-friendly heating solution designed to provide homes with efficient and sustainable warmth. Utilizing advanced technology, it emits zero carbon during operation, aligning with environmental conservation efforts and helping households reduce their carbon footprint. This compact and user-friendly boiler offers a seamless transition to green energy, ensuring comfort without compromise on sustainability.


Where should I put my Zero Emission Boiler?


Can it go in my loft?

  • Unfortunately not, the weight of the ZEB makes lifting it into a loft impractical.


Can it go in my basement?

  • Yes, if your basement has a steel or concrete staircase which isn’t too narrow.


Does it need an internet connection?

  • It needs an internet connection. This can either be provided over WiFi or Ethernet.


Will I notice any difference in my heating/hot water?

  • No – the ZEB behaves exactly as your conventional boiler does.


ZEB datasheet

ZEB installation manual

ZEB Brochure


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