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Shelly 1 – Wi-Fi Operated Smart Switch With 16A Relay


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Shelly 1 – Wi-Fi Operated Smart Switch With 16A Relay

The Shelly 1 is one of the smallest and simplest Wi-Fi relays on the market. With the smallest Wi-Fi relay switch, you can control a variety of household and office appliances (lighting, power lines, garage doors, curtains, security systems, radiators, air conditioners, etc.) from anywhere with the Shelly App.

  • Features a built-in web server (connect directly to the devices Wi-Fi access point then enter into an internet browser)
  • Designed for installation in limited space, e.g. for wall brackets, electrical control panels, behind switches, etc
  • Can be used as a standalone device, as an accessory on the Shelly App or as a component of another automation system (Home Assistant for instance)

Shelly 1 – Wi-Fi Operated Smart Switch With 16A Relay

Shelly 1 is a small form factor smart switch with potential-free contacts, which allows remote control of electric appliances through a mobile phone, tablet, PC, or home automation system. It can work standalone, in a local Wi-Fi network, or it can also be operated through cloud home automation services.

Shelly 1 can be accessed, controlled and monitored remotely from any place where the user has internet connectivity, as long as the device is connected to a Wi-Fi router and the Internet.

It can be retrofitted into standard electrical wall boxes, behind power sockets and light switches or other places with limited space.

Shelly 1 has an embedded Web Interface which can be used to monitor and control the device, as well as adjust its settings.


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