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Samsung 16kW R32 Monobloc Air Source Heat Pump


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Samsung 16kW R32 Monobloc Air Source Heat Pump

The Joule Samsung heat pump is an energy-efficient system that utilises ambient air as a heat source for heating and hot water provision. It transfers this heat indoors through a hydronic system, such as underfloor heating. This process makes the heat pump more energy-efficient compared to traditional boilers, as it requires less electrical input for a higher heat output. This efficient mechanism allows for substantial energy savings and a reduction in heating costs.

Key Specifications:

Nominal Capacity (Heating): 16,000W at A7/W35 and 15,000W at A7/W52
Nominal Capacity (Cooling): 14,000W at A35/W18
Power Input Nominal (Heating): 3,620W at A7/W35 and 5,180W at A7/W52
Power Input Nominal (Cooling): 3,280W
COP (Heating): 4.42 at A7/W35, 2.90 at A7/W52
EER (Cooling): 4.27
SCOP (Low Temp): 4.48 at 350°C, 3.53 at 550°C
Water Flow Rate (Minimum): 12 l/min
Water Flow Rate (Maximum): 58 l/min
Leaving Water Temperature (Heating):  15-65°C
Leaving Water Temperature (Cooling): 5-25°C

All models are designed for both residential and commercial settings, offering high efficiency and reliable performance under various environmental conditions.
For more detailed information, or to discuss which model best fits your specific needs, please contact us at 01686 626 314 or email


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