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Salus Remote Floor Temperature Sensor (FS3000)


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Salus Remote Floor Temperature Sensor (FS3000)

External sensor for underfloor heating, can be used as a floor sensor. This cable is 3 meters in length.

The Salus Remote Floor Temperature Sensor (FS3000) enhances your heating system by providing accurate and responsive temperature monitoring for your underfloor heating. Designed with advanced technology, this sensor ensures optimal comfort and energy efficiency in your home.

Transitioning to a more sophisticated approach to floor temperature control, the FS3000 establishes a direct link with your heating system. This enables it to precisely measure the temperature of your floor, allowing the heating system to adjust accordingly for consistent warmth throughout your space.

Installation is straightforward, and once in place, the sensor operates seamlessly with your underfloor heating setup. The user-friendly interface displays real-time temperature readings and system status, providing you with immediate feedback on your floor’s heating performance.

Furthermore, the FS3000 is designed to be compatible with various smart home systems. This means you can conveniently monitor and adjust your floor temperature remotely, whether you’re on the go, at work, or relaxing at home. Stay in control of your comfort levels effortlessly.

Incorporating the Salus Remote Floor Temperature Sensor into your underfloor heating system enhances precision and convenience. By embracing this advanced technology, you’re ensuring that your living spaces are always comfortably heated while optimizing energy consumption.

In conclusion, the Salus Remote Floor Temperature Sensor (FS3000) revolutionizes the way you manage your underfloor heating. With accurate measurements, user-friendly features, and remote accessibility, this sensor elevates your home’s comfort and efficiency. Experience the benefits of smart temperature control by integrating the FS3000 into your heating setup.




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