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Reflex Servitec Mini Vacuum Spray Tube Degasser (8835800)


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Reflex Servitec Mini Vacuum Spray Tube Degasser (8835800)

The Reflex Servitec Mini is a water degassing system for use in heating systems of up to 1 m3 system volume.

Reflex Servitec Mini Vacuum Spray Tube Degasser (8835800)

Reflex Servitec offers a comprehensive solution for efficient system degassing in closed heating and cooling circuits. It is designed as a fully automatic multi-function unit with various features, ensuring seamless operation and system optimization. The unit is equipped with auto-stop functionality and automatic hydraulic compensation of the degassing process, while continuously monitoring the replenishment requirements.

The functional unit itself is intelligently designed for wall mounting, allowing for a space-efficient installation. It comprises both a hydraulic component and an ergonomically arranged Reflex mini controller unit, boasting CE marking for compliance with safety and quality standards.

Within the hydraulic component, the heart of the degassing process lies in a diaphragm pump working in tandem with a vertically arranged brass vacuum spray tube. This tube comes complete with a vacuum spray nozzle, dipstick-tube degassing unit, and pressure monitoring capabilities.

To ensure durability and protection against external elements, the entire unit is enclosed in a housing constructed from expanded polypropylene. This housing, thoughtfully designed for ease of access, can be conveniently opened on the front side for maintenance and inspection.

The Reflex Mini control unit, on the other hand, resides in a robust plastic housing. Within this enclosure, you’ll find not only the power and communication electronics but also the control panel featuring a dirt-resistant membrane-covered keyboard. This control unit is a marvel of modern technology, operating as a fully automatic microprocessor control unit with advanced features. It includes a time function, error differentiation, parameter memory, LED displays indicating operating modes and errors, and visualizations for system pressure and fault messages.

The control unit comes fully piped and wired, ready for connection according to VDE regulations. It includes essential components such as the mains power cable, mains plug, and system connections facilitated by integrated shut-off valves.

The Reflex Servitec system operates in an optimized manner, cycling between continuous and interval degassing to maximize efficiency. Its actuation is facilitated by an integrated system pressure interpretation unit that automatically interrupts the process and provides fault messaging in case of exceeding the running time or cycle limits.

Furthermore, the Reflex Servitec system offers comprehensive documentation and control capabilities, allowing you to monitor and manage all the mentioned parameters effectively.

In essence, the Servitec Mini is a versatile water degassing system ideal for small systems with volumes of up to 1 m³, making it a valuable addition to your heating and cooling circuit management toolkit.

Reflex Servitec Mini Vacuum Spray Tube Degasser (8835800)

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