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Pump House ASHP SoakAway


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Pump House ASHP SoakAway

Removing air source heat pump condensate made easy!

This unique pre-bagged geo textile soakaway is used to safely dispose of the condensate from all domestic sized air source heat pumps where drain routing is not available. The volume of condensate created from an air source heat pump up to 16kW can be between 10-15 litres per hour up to 2000 litres per year. This method prevents the condensate from flowing onto paths and driveways, which can freeze and cause a slip hazard.


  • Alternative method to condensate removal disposal
  • Suitable for all models/brands of air source heat pumps
  • Made from pre-bagged geo-textile material to prevent soil ingress
  • 32mm inlet
  • Capacity – 10-15 litres per hour


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