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Prorad Triple Convector Radiator 600mm x 600mm (Type 33/K3)


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Prorad Triple Convector Radiator 600mm x 600mm (Type 33/K3)


  • All accessories included – Air vent, blanking plug, 4 wall plugs, 4 screws and 4 plastic protectors for brackets
  • Pressure tested to withstand 145 psi, to perform at a maximum of 101.5psi, at a max temperature of 95 degrees
  • Manufactured to BS EN442, ensuring high quality and accurate heat output


EAN Code 80260016567
Width 600 mm
Height 600 mm
Sub-Category Type 33
Colour White
Brand Prorad
BTU 5084
Range Prorad Compact
Category Compact
Watts 1490


The Prorad Triple Convector Radiator – Type 33/K3 model, measuring 600mm in height and 600mm in width, is the epitome of heating excellence in a compact unit designed for space efficiency without sacrificing the warmth your space requires.

  • Intense Heat Production: With a trio of panels and convectors, this radiator packs a punch, delivering a powerful heating performance that spreads warmth evenly and rapidly throughout the room.
  • Economical Energy Consumption: Designed for eco-friendliness and budget-conscious efficiency, this radiator ensures high heat output with minimal energy use, aiding in reducing heating costs and environmental impact.
  • Sturdy and Stylish: The radiator is constructed with high-grade steel, finished with a robust, anti-corrosion coating. Its classic white finish and modern design will complement and enhance any room’s aesthetics.
  • User-Friendly Installation: It is engineered for straightforward installation and includes all necessary fittings. The Prorad Triple Convector Radiator is designed to integrate seamlessly with most existing central heating systems.
  • Optimal for Smaller Spaces: Its 600mm x 600mm size makes this model an ideal choice for smaller rooms or areas where space saving is essential, yet high heat output is still needed.

Adaptable for Multiple Environments:

This Prorad Radiator is not just for homes; it’s also suitable for office spaces, boutiques, and smaller commercial venues looking for a reliable heating solution that fits snugly into limited spaces.


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