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Intergas Xclusive 36 (035124)

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Intergas Xclusive 36 (035124)

The Intergas Xclusive 36 is a very capable boiler! Not only can it be a really robust and reliable combi boiler, but you can also set these up as a system boiler on Priority Domestic Hot Water! All you need is the Intergas Cylinder Sensor and an NO valve and away you go!

Intergas Xclusive 36 (035124)

Intergas Xclusive 36 (035124) box contents:

1x Intergas Xclusive 36

1x Wall Bracket

1x Flexible Condensate Hose

1x Valve Set (Inc. Filling Loop)

1x Installation & Operation Manual

1x 10 Year Warranty Card (12 Year Warranty is available when fitted with an Intergas System Filter and both items are warranty registered with Intergas Heating at the same time)

PLEASE NOTE: The boiler flue is not included. Please choose your flue system from the ‘Intergas Flues’ page.

Our Review

The Intergas Xclusive 36 is the very latest and advanced boilers to be launched by Intergas Heating. The Intergas Xclusive 36 forms part of the latest X-Series range of Intergas boilers.

The Intergas Xclusive 36 uses the proven concept of the double aluminium two-in-one heat exchanger. The patented Intergas design, with two separate copper circuits, ensures optimum heat transfer and minimal heat loss. The central heating water and cold tap water flow directly through the heat exchanger, so that the flue gases cool down and the condensation heat is optimally utilised.

All Intergas Xclusive boilers have been fitted with ultra efficient A-rated Wilo pumps and fully comply with ErP energy legislation. This halves the boilers electricity consumption verses older combi boilers. The new Intergas X-Series of boilers use a sleek, touch-screen design for enhanced looks and simple user operation. The use of vacuum panel insulation inside the casing reduces heat and energy losses to an absolute minimum and ensures a whisper quiet operation year-in, year-out.

The Intergas Xclusive is fitted as standard with a Honeywell RF module for remote control and direct communications with Honeywell’s wireless room thermostats (CMS927, CMS727 or T87RF) and therefore a separate wireless relay box is not required.

Intergas Xclusive 36 Features:

  • 10 year ‘out the box’ parts and labour warranty* (*manufacturers T’s & C’s apply)
  • XL hot water profile (suitable for 1-2 bathroom properties)
  • Unique 2-in-1 double high efficiency heat exchanger
  • Integrated easy access 6 litre expansion vessel
  • Unique combined condensate and PRV outlet
  • Virtually no standby losses
  • High efficiency Wilo pump
  • Sleek and innovative touch-screen control system
  • Just 12 components and only 4 moving parts
  • Ultra high efficiency – boiler condenses 100% continuously
  • Build in Honeywell RF-module provides wireless connection to Honeywell wireless thermostats (CMS927, CMS727 and T87RF)


Domestic Hot Water:

Input: 3.6 – 32.7kW

18.9l/min @ 25°C rise

13.5l/min @ 35°C rise

Central Heating:

Input: 3.6 – 27kW

Boiler dimensions and weight:

Height: 826mm

Width: 450mm

Depth: 277mm

Weight: 33kg

Flue Length:

Max. 60/100 Concentric Horizontal: 10m

Max. 60/100 Concentric Vertical: 10m

Max. 80/80 Twin Horizontal: 80m

Max. 80/80 Twin Vertical: 80m

If you have any questions about the Intergas Xclusive 36, please send us an email.


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