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Intatec 28mm Flow Rate Balancing Valve With Fill & Flush Ports 10 to 50 Litre (INFBV2850)


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  • Regulates the flow of fluid through the system
  • Maximises heat collection in cylinders
  • Bi-directional ball valve stops water flow and allows access to fill and flush connection for servicing
  • 28mm compression connections according to EN1254-2
  • G 3/4″ Fill & Flush connections with retained sealing cover caps
  • Clear window allows for easy adjustment of the flow rate
  • Suitable for use with water and up to 50% glycol solutions

Intatec 28mm Flow Balancing Valve With Fill and Flush 10 to 50 Litre (INFBV2850)

Intatec’s 28mm Flow Balancing Valve INFBV2850 is regulates the flow of water in a heat pump system. Designed to control any fluctuating upstream flow of water, Intatec’s flow balancing valve will stabilise the continuous water flow and will prevent your heat pump overworking and using unnecessary energy.

Ideal for commissioning installation, this flow balancing valve with fill and flush provides an additional form of regulation as its fill and flush function enables the system to be drained.




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