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IMI Zeparo ZTVI 1″ BSP F Deaerator & Insulation (30302070601)


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The IMI Zeparo ZTVI DN25 Deaerator & Insulation (30302070601) is an advanced deaerator designed for use with hydronic systems. It has 1″ BSP female threads and offers exceptional microbubble removal, ensuring optimum efficiency, easy installation, and durability, making it a reliable choice for various domestic & commercial applications. With its turnable feature, allowing it to fit either horizontally or vertically to pipes up to 35mm in diameter, increasing energy efficiency and creating a quieter heating system.

IMI’s Zeparo DN25 1″ Turnable ZTVI Deairator & Insulation BSP F Promotes excellent microbubble separation. Female thread or smooth pipes (dn20, dn25 and dn30 mm). Horizontal and vertical installation. Quality brass construction.

Can be rotated independently 360 degrees, allowing it to be mounted in every position.

IMI Zeparo ZTVI 1″ (DN25) BSP F Deaerator & Insulation (30302070601)


Non-aggressive and non-toxic system media.
Addition of antifreeze agent up to 50%.


Max. admissible pressure, PS: 10 bar
Min. admissible pressure, PSmin: 0 bar


Max. admissible temperature, TS: 110 °C
Min. admissible temperature, TSmin: -10 °C


Body: Brass
Inserts: PP 30% GF (plastic)
Clip: springsteel EN 10270-1 SH

Transportation and storage:

In frostless, dry places.

Magnet and Thermal insulation:

Magnet: NdFeB with Ni-Cu-Ni cover/protection against rust.
Insulation: Expanded polypropylene (EPP), anthracite.
Insulation value approx. 0.035 W/mk.
Fire rating B2 to DIN 4102 and E in acc. to EN 13501-1.
Max. temperature: 110 °C.
Min. temperature: 6-8 °C (above dew point).


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