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Hydropath HydroFLOW Pearl Water Conditioner (100662)


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Hydropath HydroFLOW Pearl Water Conditioner (100662)

Same innovative technology, new sleek design

The Pearl contains the same innovative technology as the HydroFLOW® HS38, but with a new, sleek design and a streamlined fitting process, it will set the benchmark for all HydroFLOW® products in future.

Updated the HydroFLOW® HS38 to a design which is less “boxy”, with minimal visual seams, and which sits more comfortably along the pipe. We developed several concepts before arriving at the final design of the Pearl. The new, curved design has the clips incorporated into it, no longer has a split pin and is even easier to remove and reposition. The body neatly hides the DC power supply jack whilst still using the same power supplies previously available for the HydroFLOW® HS38.

The Hydropath HydroFLOW Electronic Water Conditioner (Model 100662) employs advanced electronic technology to address a variety of water-related challenges and enhance water quality in residential, commercial, and industrial settings. This innovative device induces an electric field that alters the characteristics of mineral crystals, preventing them from adhering to surfaces and forming limescale deposits.

One of its primary advantages is its capacity to prevent limescale buildup in pipes, appliances, and equipment. Thereby extending their lifespan and improving overall efficiency. By inhibiting the formation of scale deposits, the conditioner offers a sustainable and environmentally-friendly solution. Eliminating the need for harsh chemicals or traditional water softeners.

Moreover, the HydroFLOW operates with exceptional energy efficiency, making it a cost-effective choice for long-term water treatment applications. Its installation is hassle-free and requires no additional plumbing or modifications to the existing water system. It seamlessly integrates into various water supply setups, ensuring a smooth and straightforward process.

Once installed, the HydroFLOW functions autonomously and demands minimal maintenance. With no need to replace filters or refill salt reservoirs, users can significantly reduce ongoing operational costs and maintenance efforts.

In addition to its limescale prevention capabilities, the device significantly improves water quality by reducing corrosion in metal pipes, enhancing mineral solubility, and effectively minimizing the presence of biofilm and harmful bacteria in the water supply.

The versatility of the HydroFLOW makes it suitable for various water systems. These include residential households, hotels, restaurants, agricultural facilities, cooling towers, and other industrial settings, further underscoring its broad applications.

With its reliable performance and extended lifespan, users can trust in the durability of the Hydropath HydroFLOW Electronic Water Conditioner (Model 100662). Moreover, the manufacturer’s warranty provides added assurance and peace of mind to users, ensuring their satisfaction with the product.

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