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Honeywell Home Angled TRV & Lockshield Set 15mm (VTL15-15A)


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Honeywell Home Angled TRV & Lockshield Set 15mm (VTL15-15A) (Nickel Plated Angled 15mm)


  • A-rated energy saving performance
  • Liquid sensor provides consistent and long-lasting performance
  • Bi-directional flow valves – fit to either end of the radiator with no need to change the valve flow direction after installation
  • Sensor head may be mounted vertically or horizontally by using the interchangeable radiator tail and copper tube fittings
  • Set and forget integrated balancing insert reduced risk of call back
  • 6mm play on radiator tail piece to allow for variation in radiator distance from valve
  • Easy grip, non-slip TRV head design
  • Energy-saving button alerts user to the economical setting for comfort
  • The insert can be removed and replaced without draining down using a special tool.

The Honeywell Home VTL15-15A with matt silver nickel valve bodies are listed for Keymark certification, and feature an adjustable valve insert in the TRV body, allowing the valve to provide the correct amount of water to the heating system to maintain the required flow rate. The thermostatic head has a concealed temperature range limiting feature which prevents any easy unlocking of the range limitation when the memory clip is removed. The valve body has a user-friendly flow pre-setting device allowing swift commissioning commission a balanced radiator installation using a pre-setting table for each heat load. The body is compatible with standard M30x1.5 head/actuator connection allowing for retrofit of different style heads or electronic controls.


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