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HB42 Ultimate Sealant & Adhesive White 310ml (HB42W)

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HB42 Ultimate Sealant & Adhesive White 310ml (HB42W)


  • Seals & Fixes Holds 2.24 kg/cm²
  • Elasticity and Stretchability up to 300%
  • No Shrinking
  • Over Paint
  • Works in Wet
  • Low VOCs
  • Anti-fungal
  • Food Safe
  • Bonds to almost anything
  • Skins in only 10mins, fully cured in 24hrs

HB42 Ultimate Sealant & Adhesive White (HB42W) is a high-quality, multi-purpose adhesive and sealant that provides exceptional bonding and sealing properties. It earns a reputation for its versatility, durability, and ease of use, as it is specifically formulated for various applications.

Key features and characteristics of HB42 Ultimate Sealant & Adhesive White (HB42W) include its strong bonding power, securely adhering to a wide range of surfaces, such as wood, metal, glass, ceramic, plastic, and more. It excels in sealing performance, forming a reliable and long-lasting seal that effectively prevents water, air, and moisture infiltration, making it an ideal choice for both indoor and outdoor use.

The sealant adhesive’s white color offers a significant advantage for applications where aesthetics matter, seamlessly blending with most surfaces and providing a clean, professional finish. Furthermore, users can easily match it to their project or surface color by using paint, achieving an even more polished appearance.

HB42 Ultimate Sealant & Adhesive White (HB42W) exhibits excellent resistance to UV rays and various weather conditions, making it highly suitable for interior and exterior applications alike. Its cured state possesses a certain degree of flexibility, enabling it to accommodate slight movement without compromising the integrity of the bond or seal.

Users will find application easy with the user-friendly cartridge or tube packaging, allowing simple and precise application with standard caulking guns or manual dispensers. The product’s rapid curing time ensures a quick formation of a durable bond or seal in a relatively short time frame.

Moreover, its low odor during application ensures a more comfortable working environment, which is especially beneficial for projects in confined spaces or areas with limited ventilation.

Thanks to its versatility, HB42 Ultimate Sealant & Adhesive White (HB42W) finds wide-ranging applications in DIY projects, construction, renovation, repair tasks, and general household uses.

To achieve the best results and ensure safe handling, users should read and follow the manufacturer’s instructions and safety guidelines before using HB42 Ultimate Sealant & Adhesive White (HB42W). Additionally, conducting a small test application is recommended to evaluate its performance and compatibility with the intended surfaces and conditions.

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