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Flamco MeiFlow Top S MF Manifold (Black)



Flamco MeiFlow Top S MF Manifold (Black) | M66301.920

Flamco’s Meiflow Top S MF Manifold’s are designed for heating appliances up to 70 kW and available for up to 7 heating circuits (HC). Fits all Flamco MeiFlow Top S Pump Groups. Flow line/return line on the black manifold are coupled in a header style setup and will require hydraulic separation prior to the manifold with the Orange Boiler Guard or a low loss header/buffer cylinder. With EPP insulation and adjustable mounting brackets, each with 2, 3 or 4 connection points directed upwards or downwards (bottom connections may also be used), for assembly of the pump groups (universal combination possibilities for pump groups with 125 mm axial distance), suitable for pipe connection groups, with all necessary threaded joints and connectors included.


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