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Flamco MeiFlow S Boiler Guard With Diverter DN25 (M66393.21)

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Flamco MeiFlow S Boiler Guard (With Diverter) DN25 (M66393.21)

Top Connections 1 1⁄2″ F
Side Connections 1 1⁄2″ F
Max Temp 110 °C
Max Operating Pressure 6 Bar
Max Flow 2000 Litres/Hour (approx. 47kW @ DT20)


High-efficient recirculation pumps with permanently magnetic rotors can attract extra rust sludge and magnetite. This dirt forms in all heating systems that contain metallic components. It prevents the system from operating properly. The Flamco MeiFlow S Boiler Guard collects magnetite and sludge at a central point in the heating system. This makes it easy to remove the dirt from the heating water during maintenance and service and guarantees optimum operation and protection of the system. It is quick and simple to install, as all of the functions are combined within a single unit. It is suitable for all Flamco Meibes pump groups and manifold distributors as a system component.


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