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EPH EDBS Electronic High Limit Thermostat


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EPH EDBS Electronic High Limit Thermostat

The EPH EDBS Electronic High Limit Thermostat is a cutting-edge and highly reliable device that ensures optimal safety and performance in a wide range of heating systems. Additionally, it offers precise temperature control and an array of intelligent features, making it an ideal choice for both residential and commercial applications.

At the heart of the EPH EDBS is its electronic control system, which provides exceptional accuracy and responsiveness. As a result, users can maintain their desired temperature with unparalleled precision, maximizing comfort while minimizing energy consumption. Furthermore, this system contributes to the thermostat’s longevity by eliminating the wear and tear associated with traditional mechanical thermostats.

One standout feature is the high limit function, which acts as a fail-safe mechanism to prevent overheating. Constantly monitoring the temperature, it promptly activates a protective shutdown if it exceeds the preset threshold, effectively safeguarding the system from potential damage and minimizing fire hazards. Consequently, this feature offers users peace of mind, knowing that their heating system is protected even in extreme conditions.

In terms of user convenience, the EPH EDBS boasts a user-friendly interface for easy programming and adjustment of temperature settings. With intuitive controls and a clear digital display, users can effortlessly customize their heating preferences and schedule, ensuring that their living or working space is always at the perfect temperature. Additionally, the programming capabilities allow for energy-efficient operation by enabling users to set different temperature levels based on their daily routines, effectively reducing unnecessary heating and optimizing energy consumption.

Moreover, the EPH EDBS exhibits compatibility with various heating systems, seamlessly integrating into existing infrastructures such as electric underfloor heating, water-based systems, or air heaters. This versatility makes it a convenient and adaptable choice for both new installations and retrofit projects.

Durability is a key characteristic of the EPH EDBS, owing to its robust construction and high-quality components. Specifically designed for continuous use, the thermostat ensures long-lasting performance while requiring minimal maintenance. Furthermore, its sleek and modern design not only complements any interior decor but also houses a built-in temperature sensor that accurately measures the ambient temperature, guaranteeing consistent and reliable readings.

In conclusion, the EPH EDBS Electronic High Limit Thermostat represents a state-of-the-art heating control solution that seamlessly combines precision, safety, and user-friendly features. With its advanced electronic control system, high limit function, programming capabilities, compatibility, and durability, it emerges as a trusted choice for individuals and businesses seeking optimal comfort and peace of mind in their heating systems. Investing in the EPH EDBS allows users to experience the perfect blend of technology and safety for their heating needs.

Mains operated digital thermostat with manual reset high limit protection.

Sensor Type                       NTC10K

Temp Range                     10 – 80C

High Limit                                85C

Legionella Protection              Yes


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