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EOGB Sapphire 6-32kW Modulating Oil Boiler (Kerosene)


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EOGB Sapphire 6-32kW Modulating Oil Boiler (Kerosene) (SS-SAPPHIRE-STD-02)

Includes accessory pack containing:

  1. Condensate Trap Kit (Trap, PTFE Washer, Connection hose, Clips and additional 2 metre length of condensate pump waste discharge pipe)
  2. Flue Adaptor Kit (Flue adaptor, Gasket, Fitting bolts and 2 metre length of air intake pipe to suit Left/Right/Rear/Top exit flue configurations)
  3. Conversion Kits for 23KW & 32KW (Factory set at 28kW) (Nozzles, 16mm Nozzle head)
  4. Magnetic Pipe Tidy Kit (22mm & 28mm Magnetic Pipe Tidy Covers)
  5. Literature Pack


The core of the EOGB Sapphire lies in its advanced modulating burner system. Equipped with a high-efficiency combustion chamber, this system dynamically adjusts the flame output in response to real-time heat demand. By precisely matching the required heat load, the boiler optimizes fuel consumption, achieving an impressive turndown ratio and reducing fuel wastage to unprecedented levels.

Constructed with superior materials, the EOGB Sapphire ensures long-lasting performance. The sapphire flame retention burner, known for its exceptional stability and flame control, maximizes heat transfer efficiency. Coupled with a stainless steel heat exchanger, this boiler guarantees efficient heat exchange, minimizing heat loss and improving overall system efficiency.

The EOGB Sapphire features a user-friendly interface, empowering users to effortlessly program and monitor the boiler’s operation. The intuitive control panel provides access to a wide range of settings, enabling precise temperature control, modulation parameters adjustment, and system monitoring. With its self-diagnostic capabilities, the boiler proactively identifies and reports any operational irregularities, ensuring timely maintenance and reducing downtime.

Safety is of paramount importance, and the EOGB Sapphire incorporates multiple safety features. The flame safeguard controls provide reliable flame monitoring and automatic shutdown in the event of a flame failure. Additionally, the high-limit temperature control prevents overheating, while the integrated pressure relief valve safeguards against excessive pressure buildup, maintaining safe and reliable operation.

The EOGB Sapphire Modulating Oil Boiler seamlessly integrates into various heating systems, thanks to its versatile installation options and compact footprint. Whether for residential, commercial, or industrial applications, this boiler adapts to diverse requirements, making it suitable for new installations and retrofit projects alike.



EOGB's Fully Modulating Boiler - The Sapphire Boiler


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