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BritTherm™ Black Edition Pro 15-60/130 Compact Heating Circulator


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BritTherm™ Black Edition Pro 15-60/130 Compact Heating Circulator

The BritTherm™ Black Edition Pro 15-60/130 is a Compact Modulating Semi-Automatic Domestic Heating Circulator with a standard 1 ½” threaded connection. It has a port to port distance of 130mm and produces a maximum head of 6 meters making it perfect both for replacements and for new installations in domestic heating systems. Its head fits perfectly onto the Grundfos UPS3/UPM3 and it can be used both externally, and in newer combination Boilers.

This pump modulates which means it is capable of delivering an outlet pressure which is proportional to the actual system demand at any given time, this is based on the resistance it experiences when valves are closed in either underfloor or radiator systems.

Alternatively, it can also be set manually using the same fixed speeds you would find on a 3 speed manual Circulator which is why we call it ‘semi-automatic’, much like a car with this type of gearbox it is capable of both manual and automatic operation.

The BritTherm™ Black Edition Pro comes with a 6 year BritTherm™ guarantee and is no different in size to the market leading brands found in most British homes.


Technical Specification

Connection Size: 1 ½”

Port to Port Distance: 130mm

Maximum Head: 6 Meters

Maximum Flow Rate: 53 Litres Per Minute

Energy Efficiency Index (EEI): 0.20

Speed Control: 10 Modes

Maximum System Pressure: 1.0 MPa / 10 Bar

Protection Class: IP42

Temperature Class: TF110ºC

Insulation Class: E

Supplied With: Rubber Washers x2 & Quick Connect Cable

Material: Cast Iron

Colour: Black/White

Weight: 1.8kg


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