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Altecnic Remote Filling Loop with Pressure Gauge (ALT-ST0035)


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Altecnic Remote Filling Loop with Pressure Gauge (ALT-ST0035)

This high quality filling loop includes a pressure gauge on the central heating filling valve to show the pressure of the heating system (ideal for boilers with digital pressure gauges or filling of secondary heating circuits).

Altecnic Remote Filling Loop with Pressure Gauge (ALT-ST0035)

The Altecnic ALT-ST0035 filling loop is used to fill and pressurise domestic central heating systems or in apartment blocks to fill and pressurise the secondary heating systems of Heat Interface Units (HIUs).

The filling loop MUST be installed in accordance with requirements of the Water Regulations Guide -1999, Schedule 2, Section 8, Paragraphs G24.1 and G24.2.

The components of the ALT-ST0035 filling loop meet the requirements of paragraphs G24.1 and G24.2 by consisting of;

  • An approved backflow prevention device – a double check valve.
  • A temporary connecting pipe – a removable flexible hose.
  •  A service valve – isolating ball valves.
  • A 4 bar pressure gauge A double check valve is suitable to provide protection against a fluid category 3 risk in the case of a house or similar dwellings.

After the system has been filled and pressurised the service valves must be closed and the flexible hose disconnected and stored in a convenient and suitable place until it is required again.

The Alectnic ALT-ST0035 filling loop consists of a double check valve, a flexible hose with union connectors, sealing washers and a ball isolating valve with 4 bar pressure gauge. The pressure gauge measures the pressure in the heating system and is especially useful when installed away from the boiler or when the boiler or HIU does not have an integral pressure gauge. Once the system is full and vented the flexible hose must still be removed as per the regulations. The double check valve are ball valve are manufactured in DZR material with a chrome plated finish for an aesthetic appearance. The outer layer of the flexible hose is manufactured from braided stainless steel for strength and flexibility. The inlet connection to double check valve and outlet connection from the ball valve is a 15mm compression joints to complying with BS EN 1252-2 for use with R250 (half hard) copper tube.


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