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Vaillant sensoNET VR 921 Wall Hung Internet Gateway (0020260963)


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Vaillant sensoNET VR921 Wall Hung Internet gateway

  • Be in total control of your heating system with the sensoAPP. The sensoAPPprovides the ability to remotely control the heating system to ensure comfort as well as operating in a cost efficient manner
  • The sensoAPP notifies the user about the status of their heating system. This includes operational irregularities, information about when maintenance is required and preventative notifications
  • With the sensoAPP, you can easily set up time programmes for heating and hot water
  • Understand the energy consumption of your Vaillant heating appliances to help the user be more environmentally conscious and change their behaviours to use less energy
  • The ambiSENSE TRV’s are also compatible with the sensoCOMFORT control. Once the sensoAPP has been connected, the user will be able to manage the TRV’s via the sensoAPP

Vaillant sensoNET VR 921 Wall Hung Internet Gateway (0020260963)


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