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Milwaukee Water Pump Pliers 12″ (300MM) (48226212)


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Nickel and chrome forged alloy construction. One hand push-button adjustment for fast and firm grip.

  • Max. Jaw Opening: 60mm
  • Hardened Steel Jaws
  • Steel Ergonomic Handle
  • Self-Locking
  • 16 x Locking Jaw Positions
  • V-Groove Jaws
  • Deburring Head & Handle Design
  • Fine Scale Adjustment Positions

The Milwaukee Water Pump Pliers 12″ (300MM) (48226212) are versatile and high-quality pliers designed for various gripping and adjusting tasks. Manufactured by Milwaukee Tool, a reputable brand known for producing reliable tools, these water pump pliers are a valuable addition to any toolbox.

Key features of the Milwaukee Water Pump Pliers 12″ (300MM) (48226212) include:

Firstly, a robust build: These water pump pliers are constructed with durability in mind, capable of withstanding heavy-duty use in demanding work environments.

Moreover, adjustable jaws: The pliers come with adjustable jaws that allow users to customize the grip size according to their specific needs. This feature ensures a secure hold on various objects, making it ideal for a wide range of applications.

Additionally, a comfortable grip: The pliers feature ergonomic handles designed for comfort during extended use. The non-slip grip provides excellent control and reduces hand fatigue.

Furthermore, quick adjustment: The water pump pliers utilize a quick-adjust mechanism, enabling users to change the jaw size swiftly, streamlining workflow and increasing efficiency.

Notably, a wide jaw opening: With a generous jaw opening, these pliers can handle larger objects or pipes with ease, making them suitable for plumbing, automotive, and general maintenance tasks.

Moreover, versatile application: The Milwaukee Water Pump Pliers are a versatile tool that finds utility in various trades, including plumbing, construction, and mechanics.

Lastly, secure locking: The pliers have a secure locking mechanism that keeps the jaws in the desired position during use, providing stability and safety.

In summary, the Milwaukee Water Pump Pliers 12″ (300MM) (48226212) are durable and adaptable tools designed for gripping and adjusting tasks. With their adjustable jaws, comfortable grip, quick-adjust mechanism, and wide jaw opening, they prove to be efficient and reliable companions for professionals in different industries. Whether you’re a plumber, mechanic, or general handyman, these water pump pliers are an essential tool to have in your toolkit.


Brand Milwaukee
Degree of Hardness 60 HRC
Jaw Length 300 mm
Length (Imperial) 12 “
Length (Metric) 300 mm
Manufacturer Guarantee 1 Year Guarantee
Max. Jaw Opening 60 mm
Model No 48226212
No. of Locking Jaw Positions 16 x Locking Jaw Positions
Pack Size 1
Pack Type Single
Pieces in Pack/Case 1
Pliers/Cutters Overall Length (Band) 300-399mm
Pliers & Cutters Product Type Water Pump Pliers
Product Type Water Pump Pliers

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