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Milwaukee Black Fine Point Inkzall Jobsite Marker (48223100)


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  • Stays sharp, doesn’t mushroom or push back under pressure.
  • Lanyard Hole.
  • Anti-Roll design – won’t roll off surfaces.
  • Fine tip.
  • Acrylic nib ideal for rough surfaces such as OSB and concrete.
  • Marker continues to write after 72+ hours of cap off time.
  • For use on concrete, wood, metal, plywood, OSB, plastic.
  • Can be used on wet, oily, dusty, rusty, wMilwaukee Black Fine Point Inkzall Jobsite Marker (48223100)th debris surfaces.
  • Quick dry time – reduced smearing markings on PVC, metal surfaces.
  • Thin body for use in restricted areas.
  • Helmet clip – can be clipped to the construction site cap, trousers, overalls.
  • Easy open cap for one hand operation.

Milwaukee Black Fine Point Inkzall Jobsite Marker (48223100)


The Milwaukee Black Fine Point Inkzall Jobsite Marker (48223100) is a top-quality, industrial-grade marker that Milwaukee Tool meticulously designed to excel in demanding job site conditions. Professionals in construction, woodworking, metalworking, and other trades prefer this marker for its exceptional performance and durability.

This marker boasts a precise fine point tip, enabling users to create accurate and neat markings for tasks that require precision.

Moreover, it utilizes Milwaukee’s proprietary Inkzall ink, known for its resilience against smudging, fading, and water damage, adhering superbly to a wide array of surfaces, including rough or oily materials, ensuring markings stay intact even in harsh environments.

Additionally, the marker features a robust and impact-resistant casing, designed to withstand rough handling and heavy-duty use, enduring the rigors of a bustling job site and offering long-lasting reliability.

Furthermore, the Milwaukee Fine Point Inkzall Jobsite Marker proves highly versatile and well-suited for various tasks. Users can mark measurements, label materials, write on tools, or jot down notes with ease, as this marker excels in a multitude of applications.

For added convenience and portability, it comes equipped with a lanyard hole, allowing users to attach it easily to a tool belt or lanyard, ensuring it remains within reach at all times.

Lastly, the marker’s black ink, a standard and widely used color, makes it suitable for a broad range of applications and ensures clear visibility on most surfaces.

In summary, the Milwaukee Black Fine Point Inkzall Jobsite Marker (48223100) proves itself as a dependable and versatile tool, providing professionals working in challenging job site environments with accurate markings, excellent durability, and exceptional performance. Whether you’re a construction worker, carpenter, electrician, or any other tradesperson, this marker serves as a reliable companion for all your on-site marking needs.

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