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Alpha Eco 750mm Horizontal Flue Kit (3.023455)


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  • Easy to install
  • Neat and stylish finish
  • Built-in plume management
  • Extension kits available
  • Reduces installation time by up to an hour
  • Can divert plume at 45° angle from original terminal position

EasyFlue comes with a range of plume management options. The standard terminal can be adapted to divert plume at 45° upwards, to the left or right. For applications where there is a need to divert plume further away from the original terminal position, there is a full Plume Management Kit available.

Alpha Eco 750mm Horizontal Flue Kit (3.023455)

The Alpha Eco 750mm Horizontal Flue Kit (3.023455) is a specialized accessory designed for use with Alpha Eco series boilers. This flue kit is intended for horizontal flue installations, allowing safe and efficient venting of combustion gases from the boiler to the outside environment.

Key features and characteristics:

1. Compatibility: The flue kit is specifically designed to be used with Alpha Eco series boilers. It ensures a proper and secure fit with these boilers, making installation easier and more reliable.

2. Horizontal Flue: This kit is suitable for horizontal flue installations, which means the flue pipe runs horizontally through an external wall to exhaust combustion gases outside. This type of installation is ideal when a vertical flue route is not practical or feasible.

3. Length: The flue kit has a total length of 750mm. This measurement accounts for the distance the flue pipe extends from the boiler to the external wall where it exits the building.

4. Safety: The flue kit is designed to comply with safety regulations, ensuring the safe discharge of combustion products outside the building to prevent any potential hazards associated with exhaust gases.

5. **Quality Materials: The flue kit is typically made of high-quality materials that are resistant to corrosion and suitable for withstanding the temperatures generated during boiler operation.

6. Easy Installation: The kit is designed for easy and straightforward installation, providing all the necessary components and fittings required to connect the boiler to the flue and vent gases outside.

7. Manufacturer Specific: It’s important to note that the Alpha Eco 750mm Horizontal Flue Kit is intended for use with Alpha Eco boilers specifically. It may not be compatible with boilers from other manufacturers.

Overall, the Alpha Eco 750mm Horizontal Flue Kit (3.023455) is a reliable and convenient solution for venting combustion gases horizontally from Alpha Eco series boilers. Its design, quality materials, and ease of installation make it an essential accessory for safe and efficient boiler operation in scenarios where a horizontal flue installation is necessary.

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